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Newsletter Archive: tips and techniques for homeowners and real estate agents

January 2015

Septic Systems and Maintenance Procedures

Keep Your Information Safe When You Move

Organizing & More
February 2015

Questions to Ask About an Attic

9 Tips to Prevent Mold

Simple Things Homeowners Overlook & More
March 2015

Vague Real Estate Terms: Expressions that cause confusion

Ten Reasons to Go Green

Three & Four Way Switches

April 2015

Life span of a Water Heater

Basement Waterproofing Tips

Locks, Hinges and Door Hardware & More
May 2015

What Do You Do If A Tree Falls?

How to Install Vapor Barrier

Spring Home Checklist & More

June 2015

Warning Signs for Home Buyers

Moving Tips

Top 10 Common Repair Costs & More

August 2015

It's Not the Heat . . .It's the humidity

5 Problems Caused By High Humidity

Tagging Shut Off Valves & More
October 2015

Common Problems In A Foundation

Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires

Tips, Tricks & More

December 2015

Crawl Space Hazards

Tips, Tricks & More

January 2014
Well Water Checkups are a Must
Basements: Could that Smell be Mold? & More
February 2014
Streamlining Real Estate Transactions
10 Things Burglars Donít Want You to Know & More
March 2014
Beware of Vacant Home
The Ultimate Moving Guide
Contractor Awards
April 2014
Preventative Maintenance
Homeowner Scams Heat Up As Warmer Weather Approaches & More
May 2014
The Problem with Roofs
Home Staging Challenges
5 Dumb Moves Homebuyers Make & More

June 2014
Everybody Loves The Circus
Think Your AC Wonít Make it Through the Summer? & More

July 2014
Why Radon Testing
Importance of Proper Venting for Bathroom Fans
How To Do a Garage Door Safety Test & More
Aug 2014
Priority Maintenance for New Homeowners
Preventing Water Damage While Away on Vacation
Moving Checklist & More

Sept 2014
Smoke Alarms are a Must!
What's Your Disaster Plan?
Yearly Garage Door Maintenance & More
Oct 2014
Wood Destroying Insect / Pest Inspection
Best Temperature for Your Home
Chimney Rain Caps
Fall Home Checklist & More
Nov 2014
What Repairs Really Need to Be Made?
5 Remodeling Projects You Think Add Value But Really Donít
Upgrading Electrical = Increased Value & More

Dec 2014
Factors Affecting Fireplace Performance
6 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make While Heating Your House This Winter
Moving Or Downsizing? & More
January 2013
How to Prepare A house for a Home Inspection
Fireplace Maintenance & Safety Tips
15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own & More
February 2013
Inspection Limitations and Exculsions
Moving Checklist
Winterizing Myths & More
March 2013
Key Features of an HVAC System
Historical Homes - Structural Issues
Preparing the House for an Inspection & More

April 2013
Coping with outdated Electrical Systems
Welcome: Bob Chaplin
Locksmith scams, Mold & More
May 2013
Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection
Gutter Advice
Indoor Air Quality & Allergy Triggers & More

June 2013
Is Your Well Water Safe to Drink?
Check Your Chimney Cap
Hit and Run Home Repairs & More
July 2013
Home of All Ages Need an Inspection
9 Outrageous Floating Homes
How to Prevent Foundation Damage from Water & More
Aug 2013
Keeping Termites Away from Your Home
Is A Long Home Inspection Bad News for the Seller?
Post-Flood Clean Up & More

Sept 2013
Are Your Walls & Ceilings Cracking Up?
Common Types of Garage Door Problems
Home Maintenance Myths and More
October 2013
Older and Newer Houses Need Weather-stripping
Fire Safety Month
Home Inspection Nightmares & More
November 2013
Preventing CO Poisoning with Annual Maintenance
So . . .you're prepping to sell your home?
Home Maintenance Resources & More

December 2013

Plumbing Maintenance Tips


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