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Protect Your Property from Water Damage

Maintenance Cartoon

Protect Your Property from Water Damage

Water may be essential to life, but, as a destructive force, water can diminish the value of your home. Homes ...
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Property Condition Report

Advantages to Performing a Pre-listing Inspection

Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find ...
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chimney cap

Prefabricated Chimney Rain Caps

Keeping rain water from entering the chimney flue It is important to periodically verify the integrity of the rain cap ...
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Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

Sellers can speed their home inspection by following these suggestions, so that the inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns ...
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house settlement

Foundations: Things That Look Like Problems, But Aren’t

Oh, my gosh! Sticking doors or windows, cracks in walls inside and out -- it must be a foundation problem ...
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How to Clean-up Mold

The following procedure is for LIGHT GROWTH - If you have more than two square foot of mold growth you ...
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Finalizing Escrow Quickly

To ensure a smooth, successful professional inspection, the seller should be advised to: Leave the premises The homeowner should allow ...
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Wet Basements

The words “Wet Basement” are all-too-familiar to many homeowners. It is said that more than 98% of all houses have ...
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Proper Grading

How to Prepare A House for a Home Inspection

A Fundamental Primer Realtors routinely have clients ask them how to prepare for a home inspection. These are routine steps sellers ...
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Termite Damage

Keeping Termites Away from Your Home

Termites need three things to thrive: Food, Moisture and Shelter. Don't give them what they need! Don't feed them Keep ...
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