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Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Every home inspection is a different experience and results in a different set of observations and recommendations. Often Buyers become wary or enter into excessive post-offer negotiations if the home inspect report includes too many “marginal” or “defective” items. These could have been easily and inexpensively corrected.

Having performed thousands of home inspections, these are the most common problems we observe. Armed with this information, you can now address these issues before the home is listed!

Improper Surface Grading/Drainage — this tops the list and is responsible for a diversity of other problems, including water in the basement.

GFCIImproper Electrical Wiring — Shocked? Including:

  • insufficient electrical service to the home
  • inadequate overload protection
  • unprofessional wiring connections
  • lack of GFCI outlets near water sources.

Roof Damage — old shingles, improper flashing, too many layers.

Sink LeakPlumbing — old or incompatible piping materials, faulty fixtures and water leaks.

Poor Ventilation — older homes are often “over-sealed”, causing excessive interior moisture, rotting, and premature failure of structural and other elements, including not venting fans to the outside.

Poor Overall Maintenance — these are easy to detect, and include cracked, peeling or dirty paint, chipped masonry, broken appliances and burned out light bulbs.

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