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Fall Home Checklist

Before the weather grows colder prepare for the winter months and avoid costly repairs. A home is just like a car – with the proper maintenance, major problems can be avoided and the home can run efficiently for many years. The key is preventing problems is catching them while they are small. Be sure to exercise caution by turning off power, disconnecting utility services and following owner’s manuals instructions.

  • Air conditioning – Cover top of unit, if desired, at end of cooling season. Remove room units or install covers.
  • Heating – Schedule professional service: lubricate fan, motor, pumps, etc.
  • Water heater – Service gas and oil water heaters. Draw sediment from tank as needed. Check for carbon monoxide.
  • Humidifier – Service, clean and change water panel as needed. Switch duct damper as needed from summer to winter setting.
  • Fall DisplayDuct dampers – Adjust for the switch from cooling to heating if necessary.
  • High/Low Returns – Open low returns and close high returns for heating season.
  • Gutters/Downspouts – Clean gutters and make sure downspouts are attached and extended.
  • Roof – Inspect for damage, trim trees as needed, check roof vents for damage or bird nests.
  • Chimney – Inspect for damage to cap, flashing and masonry.
  • Sump Pump – Test to make sure it removes water from the crock.
  • Exterior – Check condition of paint, caulk, weatherstripping and putty.
  • Exterior grounds – Check that grade of soil and hard surfaces slope away from basement.
  • Basement – Check for any signs of leaks, cracks, movement, rot or mildew.
  • Crawl space – Check for adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture.
  • Plumbing – Close outside hose connection shutoff. Remove hoses from bibs and drain to prevent freezing unless they are anti-freezing.
  • Clothes dryer – Clean lint from duct and unit per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Garage door – Tighten all hardware and lubricate moving parts.
  • Fireplace – Check flue, damper, firebox.

Most importantly remember – – – if you do not understand a system or problem then call a professional!