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Finalizing Escrow Quickly

To ensure a smooth, successful professional inspection, the seller should be advised to:

Leave the premises

The homeowner should allow the real estate agent to show the home to the inspector and prospective buyer. The inspection will take at least two hours, depending on the size and age of the home.

escrowBe polite

The inspector is not the seller’s enemy. The inspector’s role is not to find reasons for the buyer to cancel the transaction: It’s to offer all parties a fair assessment of the property. So the seller should always treat the inspector professionally. Remind the seller to respect the inspector’s time by calling to set up another appointment if access to the property won’t be possible at the scheduled time.

Don’t argue during the inspection

A homeowner who is present during the inspection should not trail along behind the inspector and real estate agent. After the report is written, there will be time to respond to the inspector’s findings.

Don’t make statements based on guesswork

Real estate deals are major financial transactions. A seller who does not know the answer to an inspector’s question, should say so.

Grant all-access

To do an efficient job, the inspector needs to have access to all the living areas of the home. If a seller does not allow an inspector into a particular area, the restriction will be noted in the inspection report. Which will surely raise potential buyers’ suspicions.

Make agreed-upon repairs promptly

Your client may be asked to make repairs based upon the results of the inspection report. Advise your client to do so promptly. After all, the more quickly the repairs are made, the sooner the contingency will be met and the deal can be finalized. Why delay the closing of escrow?