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Locks, Hinges and Door Hardware

To maintain the performance and useful life of locks, hinges and door hardware, your home maintenance program should include proper maintenance for locks and hinges. Especially on exterior doors, periodic lubrication and adjustment is needed to operate properly.

Frequent opening, closing and slamming can loosen hardware. Sagging of the door can cause excessive wear.

Door HingeInspecting and lubricating these components annually ensures smoother operation as well as proper door alignment, and will reduce wear on doors and frames.

  • Tighten loose bolts on door knobs and handles.
  • Tighten loose screws in hinges.
  • Arrange to re-hang doors if they have begun to sag or stick.
  • Check that the door-closer valve is set.
  • Locks should be lubricated with special graphite designed for locks.
  • Hinges should be lubricated with penetrating oil.