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Residential Home Inspection Services

Residential inspections include a thorough examination and assessment of the following:

Basements • Roof • Structure • Heating • Cooling • Electrical
Plumbing • Interior/Exterior • Garages

Plus over 200 checkpoints and an easy-to-read report that will give you the information required to help make the most important decision you may ever make. Click here to see a schematic diagram of a home and the 200 check points. (This pdf file may take a moment to load.)

Quick Overview

Asbestos Inspection

Includes complete structure coverage.

Environmental Testing

Testing includes all lab work and final report.

Lead Testing

Camelot is state certified in lead testing.

Mold Inspection

Tested, when necessary, to make certain that you do not have a silent killer in your home.

Septic System Inspection

Most septic replacements start at $10K and up. The majority of the system is under ground. We know what to look for to protect you!

Well Water Inspection

Our comprehensive report includes flow rate and bacteria content.

Radon Testing

Camelot is state certified in radon testing.

Wood Destroying Insect/Termite Inspection

We do not profit by recommending treatment.